Father's Day

Father’s Day, for those of us who have lost our Dad is a bloody tough one. We don’t just feel it on the actual day, it starts weeks before, courtesy of the constant advertising and card shop displays.

Our hearts break again when for a split second we instinctively go to pick up a Father’s Day card or when we see a shirt in a shop and think ‘oooh Dad would bloody love that’

The trying to carry on as normal as our children get excited seeing their Daddy open his presents. Our own hearts breaking as we wish we could grab 5 more minutes with our Dad but then being very conscious of not ruining everyone else’s day and turn on the smiles.

The memories of when they passed away that have been hidden deep down suddenly rise to the surface and we start to panic that we can’t remember their voice anymore.

The secret jealousy and resentment of those whose Dad’s are still here and then the feelings of guilt for even thinking that in the first place.......It’s shit! Absolute and utter shit!

But it is what it is.

So let’s raise a glass to their amazing achievements, laugh at their idiosyncrasies, talk about them today, bring them into the present. Tell the kids how amazing their Grandad was, keep their memory alive.

They may not be with us but it’s Father’s Day, they’re still our Dad and a huge part of who we are.

Happy Father’s Day to all the Daddy’s in heaven. Forever loved, remembered and eternally ours.